Have A Nice Day - Sooty the Fire Station

$180.00 $108.00

Sooty the Fire Station ignites the passion for heroism in little ones who enjoy saving the town from what could have been an intense blaze. Thankfully, Sooty comes complete with a fireman’s pole, so the fire and rescue team can leave their top floor lunch room on the double and head straight to the fire truck. Whether practicing a drill or the alarm bell has signalled to notify the brigade of a nearby emergency, children can always be prepared and at the ready to star in their bravest and most exciting role play adventure yet.

Designed and finished to the highest standard on the Gold Coast using premium grade plywood, Sooty the Fire Station arrives unassembled so that children can put it together with the help of an adult. The unique clips in its design assemble with a satisfying ‘click’. As part of our Town Collection, Sooty unlocks a world of playful possibilities for fire fighting youngsters. After a busy, long day, Sooty presents beautifully in your child’s bedroom or playroom, until he’s needed once again for another town saving mission.

Width: 39cm
Depth: 37cm
Height: 28.5cm

Natural, safe, sustainable
Have A Nice Day uses sustainably grown Birch Plywood which is a premium furniture grade hardwood, thoughtfully sourced from Europe. Being a natural material, the appearance may vary slightly to what is pictured. The plywood may have 'butterfly patches' on the faces and small core voids on the edges. We love these unique, small features because no two toys will ever be the same and we encourage you to embrace these little accents too.