Have A Nice Day - Thursday the Space Shuttle

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Let their imaginations take them on an odyssey into space with Thursday the Space Shuttle. Watch aspiring astronauts prepare for countdown, take off and make it all the way to the moon and back in time for dinner. For stargazers and galaxy explorers, Thursday is the vehicle that will take their imaginative play to a level that is out of this world.

Thoughtfully designed and constructed on the Gold Coast from premium grade plywood, Thursday the Space Shuttle features wings which clip into the body with a satisfying ‘click’. These unique clips mean that Thursday lands unassembled and can be put together by children with adult supervision. Thursday can then be disassembled until the next follow-up mission, left out on display to inspire future space exploration or hung with a string to soar through the breeze, ready to take off at a moment's notice.

Length: 30cm
Width: 20cm
Height: 11cm

Natural, safe, sustainable
Have A Nice Day uses sustainably grown Birch Plywood which is a premium furniture grade hardwood, thoughtfully sourced from Europe. Being a natural material, the appearance may vary slightly to what is pictured. The plywood may have 'butterfly patches' on the faces and small core voids on the edges. We love these unique, small features because no two toys will ever be the same and we encourage you to embrace these little accents too.