Sonny Angel -Seoul Series


Special minifigure series available only at Sonny Angel Terrace (Seoul)!

These Sonny Angels come wearing strawberries – the mascot fruit of Sonny Angel Terrace (Seoul). The pastel colouring on the figures, and the strawberry flower detail on Sonny Angel’s head is so cute!

These angels come wearing t-shirts with designs related to the store.

This series waa exclusively only available on sale at Sonny Angel Terrace (Seoul) in Korea for their opening however they are now available here in Australia.

Sonny Angels are adorable tiny little naked dolls with little wings on their back and all with a different headgear. You collect them, play with them or put them on a little shelf in your room with other cute stuff that makes you smile.
Suits both adults and kids! 

It is the perfect gift!

It's a surprise! He chooses you!

Sonny Angel is a collectors items so all figures are randomly packaged in blind boxes.
Which means, you won't know which figure you'll get until you open the box!

Not suitable as a toy for children under 3 years. Small parts.